Biotech Community Lab

Community Lab is a unique facility that, apart from its operations, also offers research, collaboration, self-learning and upskilling platform for students and scholars. No medical institution offers such crowdsourced research...

Genetically Engineered Protein

Protein biochemistry can accurately solve larger genetic challenges. I am working on producing genetically custom engineered consumable protein supplements that can fix genetic disorders, diseases and disabilities. Today protein diets help losing and putting...

geneSwapping is no CRISPR

Science can not be restricted to a group of scientists. While CRISPR is like an sudden operation on body, geneSwapping causes gradual evolution. The desired changes can be achieved through regular intake...

VitaeGen Biotech, Varanasi

Project : Physico Chemical Properties of Fresh Water of Varanasi Develop and execute analytical test methods and controls to manufacture cell-based biological products. Hands-on Research, Biological, Microbial, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Instrument Handling. Year : 2011 Research Period : 45 days

The Fragrance People, New Delhi


2008, 2011

Microbiology & Biotechnology Research Scholar

Bachelor of Science in MicroBiology from Pune University Maharashtra   Masters of Science in Biotechnology from Punjab Technical University Punjab

Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow

Solid phase peptide synthesis, purification and partial characterisation of two wovel - analogs of melittin

Maharishi Ayurveda, Noida

Jr. Scientist (Microbiological analysis) Highlights : Raw data preparation & reporting of semi-finished, finished products, rework samples, IPQC sample, Outside samples and Random samples. Revival and Maintenance of Microbial Culture. Testing, Growth Promotion, Preservative...
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